Yesterday was big day for Pandora: The World of Avatar which revealed many details from the new land throughout ABC’s television lineup.

The big reveals started this morning on Good Morning America where Disney Imagineer Joe Rhode and Avatar Producer Jon Landau gave a sneak peek of the new land.  They walked GMA’s Laura Faris through the land, showing off the floating mountains, exotic plants, and bioluminescence.

Jon Landau said they would be bringing the cast and crew of the upcoming Avatar films to Walt Disney World, so they could feel like they’ve been to Pandora.

Paula got to try the Na’vi’s signature blue berry cheesecake and rode the Flight of Passage.  They did not show much of Flight of Passage because it’s still “Top Secret,” instead opting to show clips from the film. However, we were able to glean some new information from the video.  I had originally speculated that this attraction might use virtual reality technology, and that now seems to be confirmed Jon Landau’s comments on Nightline.  Guests will sit in a link chair to be “linked” to their Avatar for the flying experience.

Next up on The View, James Cameron gave Whoopi Goldberg a personal tour of the land.  Cameron, the creator of Avatar, walked the land with a sense of awe and pride while showing it off to Whoopi.  He revealed that the time period this land exists in is after all of the Avatar films have concluded (including the four sequels) when the Na’vi have welcomed humans to their land.  This makes me think there’s probably some details in Pandora that we’ll more fully understand after the sequels are released.

The Chew on ABC also got into the fun by sampling Pineapple Cream Cheese Spring Rolls which can be found at Pongu Pongu in Pandora.

ABC’s coverage was capped off with Nightline where Laura Faris was joined by James Cameron.  He talked about the how Pandora is the perfect fit for Animal Kingdom because of the shared conservation message.  Cameron also hinted that we could see things from Disney World pop up in future Avatar films.  She also joined Joe Rhode for a ride on the Na’vi River Journey where Joe explained that we have been invited in by the Na’vi because of our motives to learn and educate ourselves.


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